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10 Stories We Love


Great Stories are a collection of 10 classroom proposals that make the DonorsChoose.org team smile - proposals that really demonstrate the magic of matching citizen philanthropists with public school classrooms in need. Check the blog next month for more great stories!Alaska, Kitchen CreationsThis Alaska teacher wants to give her 15 high school students with severe disabilities the skills to live independently: she will teach her students to cook, budget for groceries, and shop for supplies. The teacher writes, “Students who learn life skills become empowered and more self determined. Providing for this seemingly small amount of supplies will have a ripple effect on individuals, families, and communities at large!”California, Night at the MuseumIn late December, ABC's 20/20 show featured this “Night at the Museum” proposal – it was funded by fifth grade students in a nearby city, who raised the money by planting flowers in their community! Florida, We are the Poorest Florida County Working on Being BrightestThis teacher requested quality writing about subjects that would interest his rural students. We couldn’t believe it when the renowned author of books requested in this proposal asked us if he could contact the teacher! The teacher and author have since had discussions about how the books can help these tenth grade students.Georgia, Maps for Social StudiesMs. F struggles to teach her students about U.S. states and foreign countries – her classroom does not have any wall maps, and she teaches geography using small maps from outdated encyclopedias. Ms. F has requested U.S. and World Wall Maps along with 10 atlases to use during social studies lessons, so that her fourth graders grow up to be informed citizens of the world.Idaho, Math Manipulative ManiaMrs. S writes, “I often feel like Old Mother Hubbard because when I go to my math cupboards, they are bare.” She wants to give her students an environment rich in manipulatives so that her 25 first graders can master math skills and concepts. This proposal will make sure the classroom’s cupboards are full of exciting math materials that will help Mrs. S's students learn! Massachusetts, The Hottest Spot in the Classroom: The Listening CenterYou may have noticed something a little different about our website lately: teachers have the opportunity to upload a photo, which we post to their proposal pages. We’ve been getting streams of fun, funny, informative, and adorable photos! This proposal, for a listening center, will help students learn key ideas in their curriculum - we love it too though, because the classroom photo of bundled up kindergartners reminds us of how much fun winter can be! Missouri, Books for BrainsWhen a student says, “We need books that are so good we don’t want to put them down,” it’s hard not to respond. And that’s exactly what happened for this great story: one month after a teacher posted a proposal written by her sixth grade students for an exciting classroom library, the proposal was fully funded. Students telling us exactly what they need to thrive in school? So awesome. New York, Special Needs Students LOVE Bugs & Plant Life Cycle Puzzles!One of our donors funded a proposal to send 20 Bronx first graders to the NYC Botanical Gardens. She loved the thank you notes and pictures from the classroom so much that she funded this proposal in the classroom’s honor. Here’s what she wrote to the classroom: “Dear Children, I was very, very happy to receive your pictures and letters. I also love to visit the garden. Because of your love and inspiration another class in NY will be able to have an experience like yours. You are the donors now! See how good things can multiply? I wish you all much happiness, you are very special people. Keep reading, keep exploring, keep learning. And thank heaven for your wonderful teacher.”Utah, My "Tigers" love to pounce onto Rocks and learn about Earth!These students come into the classroom every morning and look to the schedule to see if they are learning about science. When “science” is written on the board, they get so excited! This proposal, for a rock kit, will fuel the students’ fascination with science: the fourth graders will get to make crystals, touch and observe minerals, and learn about the earth and the way it continues to change.West Virginia, Words for Student JournalistsThe 15 students on the newspaper staff are anxious to compose and edit stories for their school paper, but don’t have the necessary tools. Their passionate journalism teacher has requested additional Word licenses, so that the students can spend less time vying for the few computers with Word, and more time on journalism.——————————-To subscribe to the blog via email, please click here.

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