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Ariba Melds E-Procurement & Mustaches to Help Kids


Three years ago, Ariba and DonorsChoose.org embarked on a unique partnership to use spend management technology to help DonorsChoose.org expand nationally and serve millions of students from low-income families. Now, over 60 men from Ariba are using their upper lips to help even more kids.DonorsChoose.org uses Ariba's software to manage the procurement of the materials teachers request, from sourcing and ordering through invoicing and payment. But last February, Ariba took the partnership to a new level, when some staff bravely sprouted sweet mustaches for four weeks to raise cash for schools. Going stache-to-stache with titans of industry, these growers made Ariba the top fundraising company of 2009.This February, Ariba growers aim to beat their performance and are now over halfway through their facial hair marathon for kids. To show your support, visit Ariba's hair-raising Giving Page today. Besides helping kids, you'll get to see the fuzzy faces of folks at the company behind the procurement process that helps bring classroom projects to life.


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