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Baltimore vs. Chicago: Clash of the ‘Staches!


Growers in Baltimore and Chicago have just a few days left in their seasons, and it’s an all out sprint to the ‘Stache Bash to see which city can do the most good for local classrooms and KIDS.In one corner, we have Baltimore. It’s only the second year that this scrappy chapter has flexed its Mustache muscle… and they’re already giving longstanding chapters a run for their whiskers. They’ve raised over $18,000 so far this year and they’re pulling out all the ‘stache to beat last year’s $24,500 raised. If you live in Baltimore OR you’re just a sucker for the underdog, support these Baltimore Mustache Growers!In the other corner, we have the heavyweight Chicago chapter. They claimed victory over their Baltimore brethren last year by raising over $28,700 for Chicago students in need. They’ve raised more than $16,250 so far this year but they’re not about to let Baltimore take this one without a fight! Help Chicago keep its crown – support Chicago ‘staches!Support Mustaches. Support Kids!www.donorschoose.org/m4k

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