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Blogger Challenge Day One in Review: Battle of the Craigs


Today is DAY ONE of the DonorsChoose.org Blogger Challenge – a friendly challenge to see who in the blogosphere can best mobilize his/her readers to support public school classroom needs. The overall competition is sure to be fierce, and as expected, the first day has brought to light many battles of note.One such battle worth highlighting is the Battle of the Craigs: two men sharing the same name – Craig Newmark. Sound familiar? It should. Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist is going head-to-head with his namesake, N.C. State economics professor Craig Newmark – both longtime DonorsChoose.org supportersWho will rank supreme and earn the rights to (you guessed it) his own name for the next 12 months? Only time will tell. You can follow the match up and help determine the REAL Craig Newmark, by checking out each man’s Giving Page:Carolina Craigand...Craigslist CraigNow because this is a blog, I can say: back Carolina Craig!! I’m not only one of two DonorsChoose.org employees living in the Carolinas, I’m also an N.C. State grad. There, you have my bias.NOW GO VOTE!

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