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Coming soon to a website near you: Public school classroom projects


We recently enabled prospective donors to be notified of projects matching their interests via an RSS feed. This will be most useful to folks with feed readers (eg. Bloglines, Google Reader) or "personalized homepages" (eg. MyYahoo, MyMSN).We also have been getting requests to enable feeds of public school classroom projects to appear on other people's public websites. The teachers using DonorsChoose.org are fortunate to have such enthusiastic supporters, people willing to help us spread the word about the thousands of great classroom projects in need of funding.We're excited to announce that for these generous DonorsChoose.org "evangelists," we have built a project feed API!Our hope is that savvy web developers will use this simple JSON API to show classroom project listings on their websites. For example, a school or school district could show all their teachers' classroom projects on their public website. Or a company could publish listings of classroom projects in their community on their corporate giving intranet.In addition, the API could enable web developers to build novel "widgets" showing project listings matching criteria of their choosing or "mash-ups" that combine project listings with other web resources. For example, a Facebook widget could list classroom projects of personal interest to that Facebook user. Or classroom projects could be mashed-up with Google Maps to provide a map-based project browsing interface.Techies should peruse our Developer Guide for more information. You can also email us with any questions: apiquestion (at) donorschoose (dot) org.If you're not a techie yourself, you can help our teachers by telling your favorite web developer to try adding some project listings to their website!Oliver——————————-To subscribe to the blog via email, please click here.

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