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Couple Funds Awesome Project to Honor Wedding Guests. They rule.


Last weekend Dana & Denis Hurley of Brooklyn, NY were married and they wanted DonorsChoose.org to be part of their celebration (How cool are they?!). In lieu of favors for their wedding guests, they chose to complete the funding for an awesome classroom project in Brooklyn! Not only did they fund the project, but they also designed a sweet bookmark for their guests – letting them know about DonorsChoose.org and the project they chose to support. You can check it out here.I couldn’t be happier about this. First, because it supports a high-need school in my home-borough of Brooklyn, but more importantly because the project they chose exemplifies one of my favorite things about DonorsChoose.org: being able to bring truly innovative and enriching ideas to life for teachers and students. Projects such as this one don't stand a chance of receiving funding from traditional sources, but the student experiences are invaluable.This classroom of students with autism will receive an air mattress and a stackable washer/dryer to help "teach these children essential life skills such as washing clothes, drying clothes, folding clothes, and making a bed." See the full details of this project here.Thanks, Denis & Dana, for being so generous and thoughtful while making your wedding plans. Congratulations, as well! :-)Thanks also to Ms. B for offering such a wonderful experience to your students!Yay!- Zach

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