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Crate and Barrel Gives Resources to Over 770,000 Students Across the Country!


Longtime DonorsChoose.org partner, Crate and Barrel, recently completed its fifth DonorsChoose.org GivingCard campaign, sending $25.00 DonorsChoose.org GivingCards to their valued customers. The results of the five campaigns are astonishing: 38,000 proposals on DonorsChoose.org were brought to life, delivering resources and supplies to over 770,000 students across the country!And Crate and Barrel isn’t the only one rising to the occasion. “Our customers are the ones who should be credited with making this campaign for schools in need a huge success,” says Crate and Barrel CEO, Barbara Turf. Customers were tasked with the daunting job of selecting the projects that would receive the funds from their $25.00 GivingCard. As one donor commented, “it’s impossible to stop after funding just one project when there are 1,000s of compelling projects that need our support.” And many Crate and Barrel customers didn’t stop at just one project. Over the past four years, Crate and Barrel customers have contributed an addition $360,000 of their own funds to classrooms in need.We would like to thank Crate and Barrel and their customers for their continued support of public schools!

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