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DonorsChoose.org & Gates Foundation Grant Announcement: Blogger Roundup!


It's been such a busy week, but I wanted to say thank you to all the bloggers who either came to or covered Tuesday's event, where we announced the $4.1 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. I know some of you still have posts to publish, so please send us links and we will update the post. Also, a special thank you to all the Facebookers, MySpacers, LiveJournalers, and everyone else who helped spread the message.And now... The Blogger Roundup.---------------------------------------------------------------The Innovative EducatorGates Foundation & Stephen Colbert Team Up to Support Teachers Looking to Fund Innovative Educational Ideas that Prepare Kids for College Success“At a classroom level when I was a teacher, library media specialist, staff developer, and literacy coach one of my favorite and most effective ways I found to support the innovative practices I was trying to implement was DonorsChoose.org. “---------------------------------------------------------------GothamSchoolsAt a City School, Stephen Colbert Earnestly Reports on a New Grant"The comedian Stephen Colbert took time out from his regular ranting to conduct a polite, earnest interview at a Manhattan high school this morning, in an appearance meant to announce a new “citizen philanthropy” project by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation."---------------------------------------------------------------No Fact ZoneStephen Colbert, DonorsChoose.org, and the Gates Foundation: a news and photo recap"Here’s a roundup of what the news outlets had to say."VIDEO: Stephen Colbert speaks with Donors Choose, the Gates Foundation and Manhattan Bridges High School"Let’s make sure The WØRD is “College-Ready” for all of these worthy students!"Covering Stephen Colbert at the DonorsChoose.org and Gates Foundation event"Stephen Colbert made his big appearance immediately afterward, high-fiving the students seated on the risers set up on stage behind his desk, which was adorned with a cup of pencils, a shiny red apple and a “Mr. Colbert” nameplate."---------------------------------------------------------------Content MattersStephen Colbert, Gates Foundation Team to Support Donors Choose (including video interview with Charles Best)"Donors Choose blends the concept of micro-donations with transparency, control and accountability. It's an amazing model and it's a model for individual philanthropy."---------------------------------------------------------------This Week in EducationMEDIA: Colbert Does DonorsChoose (Again)"What's the world coming to? Apparently, the regular stream of education types on the Colbert Report aren't all just due to the influence of super-producer Emily Lazar, who's also the wife of Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter. Colbert himself is involved."---------------------------------------------------------------DetentionSlip.orgDonorsChoose, Stephen Colbert & Gates Foundation join forces to promote college readiness "I spoke with another blogger who was in the press section, and he told me DonorsChoose is very addictive. You donate a hundred bucks, and then you get this packet of photos and thank you letters from the kids you've helped."---------------------------------------------------------------The ExaminerDonorsChoose.org and Gates Foundation Event"Members of the Colbert Nation know how charitable Stephen is, but it's great to see him attending events like this and continuing to promote something he really believes in."---------------------------------------------------------------Walt RibeiroStephen Colbert at Donors Choose NYC event"I learned the other day that Colbert is a board member and supporter of DonorsChoose.org - where he mentioned that he had found out about it through Craig Newmark. Basically, the story mentioned that Craig made a donation in the name of his Presidential Campaign. All in all it was a blast. Enjoy the videos!"

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