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DonorsChoose.org Makes A Huge Impact in St. Louis Public Schools!


Teachers in St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS) have taken DonorChoose.org by storm! Thanks to partnerships with district administrators and superintendent Kelvin Adams, hundreds of SLPS teachers heard about DonorsChoose.org for the first time and began submitting their classroom needs.This school year, 95% of the 87 schools in the district have submitted a classroom request at DonorsChoose.org, and over 80% have been fully funded. Seventy-six percent of SLPS teachers who submitted a project have been fully funded (which is higher than our national average of 66%), and over 400 teachers registered to use DonorsChoose.org for the first time.Over 6,000 SLPS students have benefitted from over 8,000 hours of instruction, and donations in excess of $190,000 were provided from citizen philanthropists across the nation. Local business leaders (most prominently Maxine Clark, CEO of Build-A-Bear Workshop and new DonorsChoose.org National Advisory Board member) also participated in funding projects and spreading the word to more teachers in the city. We are so excited that SLPS students are having greater educational opportunities thanks to our wonderful donors, and we look forward to continued support of the district in the years to come.

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