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DonorsChoose.org Partners with Corporations and Nonprofits To Support Environmental Education in the Atlantic Region!


This year, the DonorsChoose.org Atlantic team partnered with Progress Energy to deliver $50,000 in energy education resources to classrooms in North and South Carolina.Shortly thereafter, a local chapter of the eco-friendly nonprofit, Earth Force, conducted a two-hour training for its educators – all about DonorsChoose.org.Next month, DonorsChoose.org will work with the Washington, DC Environmental Education Consortium to inform 20 environmental education nonprofits about the resources available to Washington, DC science teachers at DonorsChoose.org.Coincidences? We think not.Since the DonorsChoose.org model hinges on innovation, collaboration, and collective responsibility for our communities, it is no surprise that groups concerned with environmental citizenship are strong advocates for DonorsChoose.org.Together, we’re working to ensure that teachers concerned with ecology, environmental conservation, and alternative energy know about and use our site to execute their most dynamic instructional ideas.——————————-To subscribe to the blog via email, please click here.

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