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DonorsChoose.org TEACHERS: Join in the Mustache Madness to Raise Money for Your Classrooms!!

Mustaches for Kids

Dear DonorsChoose.org TEACHERS,Mustaches for Kids is an annual Mustache-growing fundraiser held in cities across the country. Similar to a charity walkathon, for which participants collect donations per mile, "Growers" raise pledges for every day they grow Mustaches.Last year, both New York, NY and Charlotte, NC chapters of Mustaches for Kids chose to give their proceeds to DonorsChoose.org. Over 175 Growers in the two cities raised over $80,000 for classroom requests at DonorsChoose.org – in just four weeks! This year, we are taking Mustaches national to raise money for your classrooms.Why should you get involved?

  1. It’s hilarious! Believe us, watching the four-week evolution of Mustaches, and strangers’ reactions to them, is funny.
  2. It’s a modern marvel. Who would have guessed that so many men in their 20’s and 30’s would be asking their friends and family to support public education?
  3. It’s helping to bring dollars to your classroom! And if you get involved, you can make sure your projects get funded.

How can you get involved?

  1. Guys: Grow a Mustache!
  2. Guys and gals: Peer pressure your friends and co-workers to grow Mustaches!
  3. Guys and gals: Bonus points for anyone who starts a Mustaches For Kids chapter in your town (see guide for how to start a chapter)!

We have also created a Toolkit for Teachers on how to participate in Mustaches for Kids, which includes more information about Growing Season (Nov. 13th – Dec 13th), ideas for fundraising, and hilarious email templates to send to your friends.Men, we applaud those of you who have the energy and motivation to step up and grow with us.Men and women alike, we applaud those of you who wrangle guys they know to sport sweet ‘staches.Word to your ‘staches,DonorsChoose.org Mustache Team

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