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Earn money for classrooms at SocialVibe


You can help teachers get resources for their classrooms using your facebook and myspace pages with SocialVibe. SocialVibe allows you to get sponsored by your favorite brands on your social profiles while earning points for the charity of your choice.DonorsChoose.org has over 8,600 supporters making a huge difference on SocialVibe right now. Last quarter, the SocialVibe community earned enough points to get microscopes into the hands of 136 students in Vermont, New Jersey, and Chicago. (Huge kudos to everyone that earned points for DonorsChoose.org – your thank you notes are on their way!)This quarter the community is earning points for books – with one month left we’re 33% to our goal! Want to be part of the fun? Sign up for an account today (and tell your friends!) and begin earning points for DonorsChoose.org: http://www.socialvibe.com/?r=527906!

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