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Until a few days ago, prospective donors who wanted us to notify them about classroom projects of specific interest to them had but one option: email alerts.They would enable "Update Me" on their donor account page at DonorsChoose.org and then use our "Manage My Interests" functionality to specify exactly which types of classroom projects they want to hear about. When a teacher posts a new classroom project that matches their specified criteria, we let them know via email.We're pleased to announce that this same "alerting" functionality is now available via an RSS feed!Like our email alerts, you tell DonorsChoose.org exactly what types of classroom projects are most meaningful to you. Then we let you know the moment our teachers have posted those projects. But instead of an email, we'll notify you in an RSS feed that's custom-built just for you.For example, you can create a feed of projects from high-need classrooms in Mississippi, or projects that are already partially funded and focused on teaching music in high school classrooms, or projects specifically for autistic students at Charter Schools.Here's more information on how to setup a feed of classroom projects.We hope you find it easy to use, and put it to work finding and funding projects in high-need classrooms!Oliver——————————-To subscribe to the blog via email, please click here.

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