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Five inspirational classroom projects: Special Atlantic Edition


Below are five wonderful and inspirational classroom projects that are waiting for funding in the Atlantic Region. Enjoy browsing through them!“Creating the Next Dr. Seuss,” Philadelphia, PAMs. P knows her students live in difficult circumstances. With no art class or material, they have limited ways to fully communicate what is happening in their lives. The much needed art supplies she has requested for her students will “allow them to express themselves without limitations because they will be able to draw how they feel, what they think, and what they want people to know about them.”“The Great Paper Chase,” Durham, NCThese fourth graders from a North Carolina Elementary School love using computers to do their work. What work they can do, however, is limited by a lack of paper. With more paper, they’ll be able to print out what they do at school and stick it to their fridges at home. What’s more, they’ll also begin a class newspaper, a project sure to teach and inspire. The problem for Mr. C and his class isn’t imagination or motivation; it’s a simple sheet of paper. Times a few hundred.“Creative Math Instruction,” Rock Hill, SCMrs. F regularly has to face off against the formidable enemy of teachers everywhere: boredom in the students. To help keep her disabled students more engaged and better able to understand math, she needs materials that will allow them to put these abstract concepts into a tangible and easy-to-understand reality. Specifically, plastic hamburgers and fries, along with DVDs. Math can be a dreadfully dry subject. With these aides, Mrs. F will transform a formidable subject into an attractive one.“Shakespeare On Hand,” Danville, VA"True, I talk of dreams,Which are the children of an idle brain,Begot of nothing but vain fantasy."- William ShakespeareWith help, Mrs. B's imaginative dreams will not just be a vain fantasy. Her multi-faceted project will draw in students of every interest. While the ninth grade students read Romeo and Juliet and the tenth grade students read Julius Caesar, they'll also be discussing the many themes present in the plays. Eventually, they'll rewrite them and make their own puppet-theater version of each play. This is one of those projects that makes you want to go back to school.“History Comes Alive,” Washington, DCHere is another project that sounds so engrossing you may wish to fund it and then enroll in this fourth grade class. After reading about the Age of Explorers, with books provided by this project, students will create historical personas to immerse themselves in history and subsequently, in their learning as well.Thanks for reading!Adam AronowWashington DC Intern

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