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Grow a Mustache; Raise Some Cash; Support Local Classrooms!


Greetings lovers of facial hair and charity,Mustaches for Kids, America's favorite mustache-based charity organization, is back for another year of questionable grooming. The 2008 Growing Season kicks off on Shaving Day (Thursday, November 13th) and concludes mid-December.Mustaches for Kids is a volunteer-run organization founded way back in 1999 to celebrate the joys of Mustaches and charity. Its formula is a simple one: brave Growers sprout totally sweet Mustaches for four weeks during the holiday season. They subject themselves to public humiliation and private doubt, while raising money for children's charities. It's kind of like getting pledges to run a marathon, without exertion, cramping or dehydration. Call it a facial hair marathon.This year, a bunch of Mustaches for Kids chapters across the country will grow Mustaches to benefit DonorsChoose.org teachers and students, like Baltimore, Charlotte, Los Angeles, New York, Wilmington DE, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle, just to name a few.Not yet convinced that growing a Mustache is both charitable and suave? You can read about the shenanigans from the New York chapter’s 2007 Growing Season. Or, you can read the journey of one Grower from Charlotte last year.Email mustachesforkids (at) donorschoose (dot) org if you’re interested in growing a ‘stache this fall. And if you want to go for the gold and start a chapter in your city, here is an inspirational how-to kit to start your own Mustaches for Kids chapter!Word to your future ‘stache,- Mitch Goldman, Head Grower, Mustaches for Kids Interworld Headquarters- Katie Bisbee, DonorsChoose.org Employee and Charlotte, NC Mustache Enthusiast


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