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Honor Your Mom


On Monday, we enabled website functionality that lets donors share their unique reason for giving, with the classroom they fund. On Wednesday, this amazing message was posted on the Writer's Workshop Books project page: “We gave to this project in honor of Jaqueline Luczywo for Mother's Day. Jaqueline is Keith's mom and she loves to read and is a skilled poet. Jacqueline lives in Indiana and it was important to us to give in her home state. We share a fond appreciation for writing and literature and we hope your teacher's lessons will inspire your inner author!”Lora & Keith Luczywo from Los Angeles, CA gave in honor of Jacqueline from Cicero, IN on May 7, 2008Mother’s day is on Sunday. It’s not too late to give a gift that’s worthy of the woman who taught you everything you know – the gift of education. Give to a classroom project in honor of your mother, and she’ll be notified instantly that she’s been honored.

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