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Hours remaining in Best Buy campaign – Help us rally teens to win $250k for classroom today


Have you reached out to teens or friends who know any teenagers yet? Time’s running out to engage them!With hours remaining (until 6 PM EST Friday), DonorsChoose.org is in 2nd place in Best Buy’s @15 campaign, thanks to your help after our kickoff post. The standings:KIPP: 6%Project Ready: 10%DonorsChoose.org: 22% - that’s $55K for projects. Help us get to $100K+!Pacer Center: 62%Each teen you help engage equates to potentially hundreds of dollars for students in need. Please take a minute of your time today to engage one teen. The impact could be a fully funded project!Contact middle and high school teachers you know, family, colleagues, social groups, friends with teenage kids, etc. All the tools you need are below.Thanks for your help!

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Tools to Spread the WordEmail You Can Copy and PasteFriends,Do you know any teenagers who could spare 1 minute to help students in need? If so, those teens could help direct Best Buy’s corporate giving to classroom needs in low-income communities. The campaign ends on Friday, October 30, at 6 PM EST, but taking a minute of your time today to engage one team could mean a fully funded classroom project that gives students the resources they need to learn!What I need you to ask teens you know to do:Step 1: Take a second to click here (http://bit.ly/at15r) to register at Best Buy’s at15 site by 5 PM on Oct 30. The prize: 1500 points.Step 2: Check your email to activate your at15 account, and then go here (http://www.at15.com/user) to log in with your user name.Step 3: Click here (http://bit.ly/dcpts) and then allocate all of your points to DonorsChoose.org.Step 4: Encourage all the teens you know to do the same! (You can forward this email or use the Facebook / MySpace posts below to spread the word!)It’s that easy! Best Buy will donate a portion of $250,000 to DonorsChoose.org based on the number of points it gets. DonorsChoose.org will use every dollar to fund classroom projects for students in need.Thanks so much for your help!Facebook / MySpace2 days left! Know a teenager? Ask them to give a min today to help students! Register at http://bit.ly/at15r and then give points to DonorsChoose.org. Help turn Best Buy’s cash into classroom materials for high-need schools.TwitterKnow teens? They can win $ for needy schools by registering & giving pts to DonorsChoose.org http://bit.ly/dcpts Pls RT!

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