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Know Any Teenagers? Ask Them to Give One Minute to Win Cash for Classrooms!


Do you know any teens? If so, a minute of their time today could win big bucks from Best Buy for classroom projects. And we can't win without your and teenagers' help!Through October 30, DonorsChoose.org is competing in a campaign in which whoever mobilizes the most teens to give a minute of their time will win the biggest chunk of $250,000 from Best Buy. Every dollar we win will be used to fund classroom projects in schools in low-income communities.

How to Help

(Please open links below in a new window or tab.)Step 1: Encourage teenagers you know to take a second to register at Best Buy's at15 site by 5 PM on Oct 30. The prize: 1500 points.Step 2: Have them check their email to activate their at15 account, and then log in with their user name.Step 3: Ask them to allocate all of their points to DonorsChoose.org.Step 4: Get all other teens you know to do the same!It’s that easy! Teens giving points to DonorsChoose.org will direct Best Buy’s corporate giving to support other students in need.If you can, help spread the word to friends or more teens; below are helpful tools for emails, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Thanks for your help!

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Tools to Spread the Word

Facebook / MySpace (copy and paste)Know any teenagers? Ask them to give a minute of their time today to help students in need! Have them register at http://bit.ly/at15r and then award their points to DonorsChoose.org at http://bit.ly/dcpts. Please share with friends; you’re helping turn Best Buy’s cash into classroom materials for high-need schools.Twitter (copy and paste)Help win cash for needy schools: Visit http://bit.ly/at15r & give pts to DonorsChoose.org at http://bit.ly/dcpts. Pls ReTweet!Email You Can Copy and PasteFriends,Do you know any teenagers who could spare 1 minute to help students in need? If so, those teens could help direct Best Buy’s corporate giving to classroom needs in low-income communities.What I need you to ask teens you know to do:Step 1: Take a second to click here (http://bit.ly/at15r) to register at Best Buy’s at15 site by 5 PM on Oct 30. The prize: 1500 points.Step 2: Check your email to activate your at15 account, and then go here (http://www.at15.com/user) to log in with your user name.Step 3: Click here (http://bit.ly/dcpts) and then allocate all of your points to DonorsChoose.org.Step 4: Encourage all the teens you know to do the same! (You can use this email or the Facebook / MySpace posts below to spread the word!)It’s that easy! Best Buy will donate a portion of $250,000 to DonorsChoose.org based on the number of points it gets. DonorsChoose.org will use every dollar to fund classroom projects for students in need.%NOCP%

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