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Mustaches for Kids below the Mason-Dixon Line!


Friends of southern culture and facial hair,Mustaches for Kids Charlotte concluded its second annual Growing Season, just in time for the Charlotte Growers to get clean-shaven for the holidays.Some of the highlights this year included ridiculous events like "Mustaches on Ice" and the "Mustache Olympics," as well as a knock-down, drag-out competition for the Worst 'Stache award. (In an unusual turn of events, the battle for the Sweetest ‘Stache wasn’t nearly as heated.) And we had lots of laughs among Growers and Enthusiasts alike.So, without further ado, here are the Growers who won crowns at our 'Stache Bash:The Best ‘Stache goes to… Adam "Classy Stache" Vater!

The Best Costume goes to… Mike "Whispy" Bufkin! (Yes, Mike was dressed as Mark Spitz. Yes, he was wearing a Speedo. And yes, he shaved his body, save for his 'stache, for the costume).

The Worst ‘Stache goes to… Clay "Tiny Tim" Schossow! (Many Mustache Enthusiasts, not naming names, think that Chris "Smitty" Socha got robbed on this one – check out his Grower Profile pictures).

The Best Fundraiser goes to... Mike "My Third Brow" Szarowicz, who very excited that he was also a Top 10 finisher for Best 'Stache.

And last, but definitely not least, was a new award this year, Best in Show. The award goes to… Bryson "El Conquistador" Brannon! As an example of his dedication to mustaches and charity, here is the holiday card the Brannon's are sending out to friends and family year:

Thank you, Charlotte Growers and Mustache Enthusiasts, for such a fun year and for raising over $60,000 for our local classrooms!The 'stache has left the building,Katie & Alex

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