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Mustaches for Kids Week 2: Wade's Whiskers


The growing season is upon us and, this year, San Francisco has a title to defend. The city by the bay was not only raised the most total money of any city in the country, but it also is also the home of last year’s top overall fund raiser. Lest you think that the city is all green and no whiskers, it’s also the home of Wade Crowfoot, winner of last year’s Sweetest Stache Award at last year’s Stache Bash.This year Wade is raising funds for Think College Now, an amazing Oakland-based elementary school that has received numerous awards and recognition since opening its doors in 2003. He has already reached an impressive $897 toward his goal of $3,474. Some people have been inspired by his last year’s Tom Selleck circa 1985 look, while others cannot wait for Wade to shave the thing off.Wade contends that the secret to his success is his ever-present facial addition. Co-workers, friends and family are constantly reminded to donate every time they see his personal tribute to Yosemite Sam perched on his upper lip. Although Wade has found this year’s fundraising to be a bit more challenging than in past years, those who have been able to give have found DonorsChoose.org to be the best way to do it. Wade just completed his first project last night and has already received calls from donors who are thrilled with the appreciation of the teacher and the students.Wades keeping mum on what character his mustache is taking on this year. Will it be the John Stossel, the Gene Shalit or the Charlie Chaplin? Inquiring minds want to know! He’s seen this year’s competition and sees a lot of promising rookie growers. But he relishes both the competition and the growing popularity of Mustaches for Kids.To stay updated on Wades whiskers and donate to his projects, visit http://www.crowwhiskers.blogspot.com/.You can also check out Wade’s (aka Chappy’s) 2008 champion stache, at http://crowstache.blogspot.com/.

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