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New York Times article about Princeton grads features Daphra Holder


A recent New York Times article, "As Pipeline to Wall Street Narrows, Princeton Students Adjust Sights," features our own Daphra Holder. Daphra graduated from Princeton in 2007, and made a career move from Wall Street to DonorsChoose.org last spring.Daphra is quoted in the article saying, "Without Wall Street as the default position, I think people will be forced to think outside the box in their career choices, which is a good thing. Hopefully, there will be a flood of talent to nonprofits and technology companies and places other than Wall Street. I just know I’m a lot happier. I wake up every morning excited to get to work."Daphra is the Manager of Mobilization Marketing at DonorsChoose.org. She manages the Blogger Challenge, Mustaches for Kids, Donate Your Birthday and a slew of other new media special projects. In her spare time, Daphra mentors for iMentor, an innovative technology-based youth mentoring program catering to inner city public school youth.

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