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Quick Tutorial for the New & Improved Search Features


We recently revamped the search pages on our site, in an effort to provide a more intuitive user experience. This post aims to walk you through these cool new changes.Start at the homepage and click "Choose a Project" near the top. You'll see that we now show all the projects by default. We have also modified how each project appears in the results - Location (e.g. city, state) information is provided as well as the dollar amount needed to complete the project. Clicking the filters in the "Narrow Results By" section allows you to refine your search until you find the projects you're interested in.You can filter by cost category (e.g. $200-$399), by subject, by grade level, and more. You can even drill down all the way to a particular school in the "location" section! Note also the keyword search, which you can combine with other filters to find the projects you like.As you refine your search observe the "bread crumb" (think Hansel and Gretel) near the top which shows you the history of your search activity. Maybe it looks something like this: > All Projects > Technology > $400-$999 > Grades 9-12 (High School). Note that each crumb is clickable, allowing you to backtrack out of your search! (That's not the only way, however, to remove your search filters! Next to each selected filter you'll also find a link allowing you to remove that specific filter.)A couple links at the top of the search results page allow you to sort results by the poverty level of the schools, the cost remaining to complete the project, or the number of days left before the project expires.Scroll down and in the bottom right you'll see a small "projects per page" drop-down which lets you choose how many projects to show per results page - 10, 25, or 50.We hope you've found this tutorial helpful, and that the updated faceted search pages help you more easily find the projects of your choice.- Boris Kerzner, Software Engineer

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