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Room 101 Radio Show Featuring Segment on DonorsChoose.org


Every Wednesday evening from 6:00--6:30, Central Time, KZUM 89.3FM in Lincoln, Nebraska airs Room 101 hosted by longtime teacher Michael Baker. The radio show is dedicated to public education issues in the community, Nebraska, and the nation as a whole, with programming that features deliberations and discussion with guests and listeners.This Wednesday, March 11th, Michael Baker will host guest Alicia Mohr, Deputy Director of the Central and South Regions of DonorsChoose.org. Listen in to learn more about DonorsChoose.org, as we explore its history, operations and current successes.Thanks to Michael Baker for reaching out to DonorsChoose.org to help spread awareness about our program!People not in the Lincoln, Nebraska, listening area may listen online.

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