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San Francisco Is Ablaze (and BALD) With Mustache Fever!


If you thought that growing a Mustache for kids was a sacrifice, the Growers of Mustaches for Kids – San Francisco beg you to think again.Check out today’s San Francisco Examiner article, “Throwing caution to the wind to benefit schools” to read about how a few San Fran Growers are taking the competition to a whole to level by also SHAVING THEIR HEADS. Yes. You read correctly.There’s only a few hours left until M4K-San Francisco’s season culminates with its ‘Stache Bash (8pm tonight at the Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell St., San Francisco).If you can’t be at the ‘Stache Bash tonight, make a donation to classrooms chosen by these Growers HERE. What more can they do?!

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