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San Francisco Stache Bash This Wednesday, December 17!


After one month of hair and fun filled activities, including regular follicular checkpoints, Mustaches on Ice, and a pub crawl, the stache adorned men of San Francisco are ready for the event of the growing season – the Stache Bash. The long-awaited festivities and sweetest stache competition will go down this Wednesday, December 17 at the Rickshaw Stop. Not only is this an occasion to celebrate the glorious mustaches that have matured over the last four weeks and the funds that San Francisco growers have raised to support classroom projects on DonorsChoose.org – over $55,000 so far, this is also a pageant to name the Sweetest Stache in San Francisco.The top twenty-five growers who have raised the most money for classrooms will be eligible to compete, and the judges can also pick a few wild card “Mr. Congeniality” contestants from the crowd of approximately ninety growers. The competing growers will be judged on, among other things, their Stache-ku’s, the kiss-ability and foam retention capability of their staches. Along with the coveted title of Sweetest Stache, the winners will receive tickets from our friends, the Golden State Warriors.All of the mustache growers throughout the country have endured questioning stares and ridicule for their facial transformations. In the process, they have collectively raised over $270,000 for students and teachers across the country, reaching over 146,000 students to date! Thanks to all the brave growers, patient significant others, and generous donors who have made this possible.If you are in the Bay Area, come out to the Rickshaw Stop on Wednesday to cheer on the San Francisco stache champs. If not, you can still support the grower and classroom of your choice here.

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