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San Francisco Stache Spotlight: Gabe the Grower


Gabriel Adiv was the top fundraiser for M4K last year and is currently this year's frontrunner in San Francisco, but only by a whisker. While his mustache is "in full force," he's a bit nervous about holding onto his number one spot as fundraising has been a little bit tougher this year. However, this isn't stopping him from sharing some of the secrets to his success with some of his competitors:

  1. Be persistent. Gabe sends weekly emails to friends and family, posts weekly to his blog, and regularly updates his Facebook with his stache status, funded projects, teacher comments, and pictures of other “real” mustachioed men. And at the bottom of each email/blog post/Facebook update is a link to his site where you can give.
  2. Thank people – publicly. This may be the most important part of Gabe’s weekly communication. At the beginning of every blog post and email he lists all of the people that gave in the previous week. Great acknowledgement for those amazing donors who have helped fund a DonorsChoose.org project and a little peer pressure for the procrastinators.

This year Gabe is growing for art and music projects for kids with disabilities and you can help push him securely in the lead by donating to one of his projects.Thanks to Gabe and all of the fearless mustache growers for your amazing efforts to help classrooms!

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