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School Transformation from a Student's Perspective


We love all the schools in Los Angeles and we're especially fond of Green Dot Schools, an organization that has done an amazing job turning around some local schools. On this week's Huffington Post, you can read about one Green Dot School from the point of view of a student who was there during the transformation of Locke High School.Micheal McElveen, who is currently a journalism major at American University, writes, "People outside of Locke often highlighted the number of students that fell at the feet of success and surrendered to a life of complacency and underachievement, but not the number of students who confronted academic and societal boundaries and succeeded. The group of students who did not prosper would become the faces of Locke, and the group of successful graduates would be disregarded. Society often emphasizes the negative aspects of situations, placing them at the forefront of any issue, while stating ways to resolve the issues without ever actively instituting a solution...In 2007, there was a break in the storm of negativity, and optimism peered through in the form of revolution by concerned staff." Read more here.And check out some great projects from teachers at Green Dot Public Schools!You can read more here.

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