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Science bloggers helped oh-so-many students!


For a month, they blogged and they tweeted. They gave away prizes and made videos. And all their hard work paid off: science bloggers from around the country competed in Science Bloggers for Students, a competition to deliver materials to classrooms across the country. More than 50 bloggers from various networks raised $34,690 from 472 citizen philanthropists, affecting the lives of more than 23,000 students.A big congrats goes out to the all the networks which participated in the month-long challenge: Discover, LabSpaces, Ocean and Geo Bloggers, Scientopia, Seed Media ScienceBlogs, WIRED Science Blogs, and our Indy bloggers! To see how the competition stacked up, check out the Science Bloggers for Students page!And a big THANKS goes out to HP, who will match every dollar donated through the challenge – that means Science Bloggers for Students will have TWICE the impact on students around the country!

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