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September Great Stories!


In case you didn't catch the first installment of great stories on the blog last month, here's the deal. We send out ten great stories from the previous month to the entire DonorsChoose.org team. Since these always make us gleeful, we wanted to share them with everyone!Kansas, Eye Catching KindnessDonorsChoose.org gets a lot of requests for digital cameras; this one is particularly heart warming. The school recently implemented a “Class of the Month” program rewarding the class with the highest punctual attendance, and will start a program acknowledging random acts of kindness. The counselor wants to display a picture of the winning “Class of the Month”, and capture some of the students' great moments. This project will prepare students for a successful year and a lifetime of kindness. Michigan,White BoardsMany students in this classroom need glasses that their families cannot afford. The classroom blackboards are old, which makes it even more difficult for students to see. A white board is perfect because the background is light; with bright markers, students can easily see math problems develop step by step. Nevada, What Makes Us Part of the Community?This teacher wants to help her little ones make a strong connection from the classroom to the community – by identifying occupations and describing their importance in the community. Her students will get to dress-up as different career professionals, and read “community and career” theme books. This proposal is going to have adorable feedback – imagine all those cute Kindergarten kids as they dress-up for their important work day!New Jersey, Paint a… Write a… Story!This teacher’s school is in a predominately Hispanic urban district. The teacher is requesting a listening center so that her students can enjoy English language books. After listening to a story a few times, her students will paint a picture of what they see when they hear the story, and write a summary of the story. The projects will be displayed on the classroom bulletin board.Virginia,Students Need to See Images to Grasp German CultureThis sixth through eighth grade German teacher writes, “Learning a language and about culture means so much more to students if they connect to real places and real people.” She has requested a projector so that her students can see images of the land, geography, food, clothes, people and cities of the German-speaking countries they study. She even wants to show her students music videos of artists who are popular with teenagers abroad! Connecticut,Guitar Craze (Funded!)This school started a guitar program, but their seven guitars did not meet the overwhelming student interest. After requesting one guitar on DonorsChoose.org, this teacher got a surprise phone call from the founder of a guitar company, who wanted to donate two additional guitars! The guitar-crazed students at this school will have three brand new guitars. Florida,Make “Our Own Math Puzzles” Book (Funded!)Teachers often find ways to use the most basic of materials to bring their lessons to life. This teacher requested blank notebooks, so that her math class can write their own math puzzles. When the teacher tried this project in the past, her students got excited about solving each others’ puzzles and realized there is nothing to fear about math problems. Hawaii, Calculators for My Kids! (Funded!)This high school chemistry teacher encourages her students to buy calculators for themselves. However, many believe they are destined to work in the local resorts after they graduate - education is not high on their priority list. Basic calculators will help her classes spend more time performing experiments and solving problems, rather than doing calculations.Ohio, Teach Me Something Cool!!! (Funded!)This classroom’s library consists only of fiction stories. The third grade teacher believes non-fiction material will give a boost to those students who have trouble picking up a book. One donor stepped up to the teacher’s compelling call to action, “You can be that change that just one child needs to look at reading in a whole new light," and funded this proposal for non-fiction material, covering topics from great artists, to current events, to volcanoes. Oregon, Centrifuge for Science Class(Funded!)This science teacher will soon be taking his students rafting on the McKenzie River, to build awareness of clean water as a valuable and vulnerable public resource - the trip will launch a year long course on environment issues. The centrifuge that he received through DonorsChoose.org is an important tool for water-related experiments. What an amazing way to engage students in learning and inspire them to care about the environment!

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