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Social Media Challenge: How to create a Giving Page!


So, you've checked out the Social Media Challenge, and you're ready to throw your hat in the ring. Here are quick instructions on setting up a Giving Page:1) Go to Create a Giving Page2) Pick "Social Media Challenge"

3) Enter in the title, and customize your message for your readers and friends

4) Join a "Giving Group", to join in the friendly competition!

5) Add a JPG or GIF image for your page. Your image should be at least 260 x 170 pixels high.

6) Choose which types of classroom projects you'd like on your Giving Page - whether you're jazzed about Music & The Arts, Kindergartners, or projects in Arizona!

You should be all set! More questions? Ask them in the "Comments" field of this blog post, or on our Contact Form.

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