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Social Media Challenge: How to Have Fun, Be a Fierce Competitor & Help Tons of Students!


The philanthropic throwdown of 2009 starts in just 10 days... You can visit the Social Media Challenge to see how the competition is heating up!As you start to think about engaging your readers and followers to help low-income students this fall, make sure that you set out to have an awesome time doing it. Here are some tips from previous challenges:1. Embrace social media by blogging, tweeting and Facebooking about your Giving Page. We've got some cool tools you can use this year from your DonorsChoose.org donor account. Once you're logged in, and you've clicked on your Giving Page, you can follow the links to post your Giving Page on Facebook.2. Offer to do something wacky if your readers reach a certain level of donations. Check out last year's blog post for inspiration, like how Finslippy offered to reenact Pat Benetar's "Love is a Battlefield." Which happened, by the way!3. Say something feisty about the other bloggers in your Giving Group or about the singular awesomeness of your readers. A sense of competition, and of team pride, really helps to inspire donations.4. Use the widget for your Giving Page. This widget will not only serve as a constant call-to-action for your readers, but as a public salute to the individual readers who have made donations through your giving page.Stay tuned for more updates as the Social Media Challenge nears....

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