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Social Media Challenge: Uploading an Image to your Giving Page


Want to add an image to your Giving Page? First, make sure you log into your DonorsChoose.org donor account, and click into your Giving Page.Instructions on Uploading a Photo1) In Step 2, click on "Add your own photo".

2) In the pop-up box, click on "Select Image".

3) Find your image on your hard drive, and open it.4) You will see that your picture is selected. Click "Upload".

5) You will now see your image in the pop-up box. Click "close" in the upper right. Note that it might take 15 - 30 minutes for your photo to appear on your Giving Page.

TroubleshootingDid you receive an error that your photo is too small?

- If so, you can visit www.resizemyphoto.com, for a three quick and easy steps to resize your photo. Select the "400 pixels" option.When your photo uploads successfully, it will look like this on your Giving Page:

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