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Teacher Tip #3: Mailing Student Letters


Sending in student letters? Follow these guidelines to ensure you get the points you deserve and your donors receive your students’ awesome letters!

  • Save time: Only create packets of letters for the donors listed on your Thank-You Instructions. At this time, donors only receive student letters if they give $50 or more to a project. So you may be asked to send fewer sets of student letters than the total number of donors.
  • Stay organized: If you have multiple donors, make separate packets of letters for each individual donor. After your Thank-You Package reaches our office, we separate the letters by donor and send each donor an individualized package. So make sure each letter is addressed to just one donor and that you separate the letters into packets per donor using paper clips before putting them all in your envelope.
  • Put it all together: Use just one envelope per project, even if you’re sending student letters for more than one donor. The mail can be unpredictable and if we only get a package from you for one donor, it may be tracked as an incomplete package.
  • Double check your label: The prepaid mailing label we provide for each project has a unique barcode that identifies your project when the package is checked in at our office. Be sure to use the correct label for each project, otherwise your student letters will be credited to the wrong project and may even go out to the wrong donors if the mistake isn’t caught! And only send student letters for one project per envelope.

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