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Teachers Paying It Forward on DonorsChoose.org!


Not only do the teachers using DonorsChoose.org go above and beyond for their students, but our donors are also pretty amazing! One of our Seattle donors had so much fun contributing to several classroom projects across the country that she wanted teachers and students to experience the gift of giving too. So, this donor is providing DonorsChoose.org GivingCards to every teacher that she funded so that those teachers can “pay it forward” and support other classrooms on DonorsChoose.org!As you can imagine, the teachers are thrilled to have the opportunity to help another classroom that needs resources. These GivingCard recipients have selected classrooms that are complete strangers to them, often in different states. After Mrs. Coppotelli in Connecticut told her kindergartners about the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the students decided to help out a classroom in New Orleans. This teacher and her students jumped at the chance to provide materials to another classroom – “this is probably the coolest thing I’ve been involved in … The kids are so excited, you have no idea!!” Mrs. Coppotelli’s classroom has been stocked with supplies through DonorsChoose.org and she does not know what she would have done “without my DonorsChoose.org family.”Other teachers funded by our Seattle donor are also getting in on the fun and finding great projects to support. Thanks so much to our incredible donor for this great program that is inspiring teachers and students to help each other out!

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