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Teachers with a sweet tooth


Lyanne Melendez of ABC7 in San Francisco sat down with DonorsChoose.org founder Charles Best this week to hear about how this all got started. Along with alot of hard work and the help of some Silicon Valley leaders, it was reported that bribes of homemade dessert were involved!ABC also visited a Sausalito classroom to check out a DonorsChoose.org user in action. Mrs. Morris is teaching her students music, but currently has no instruments to teach with. Thanks to the project that she posted on DonorsChoose.org - 4th Grade Harmony: Melodious Music with Ravishing Recorders - her classroom will soon have recorders to play. After the classroom was featured on ABC, generous music-loving donors completely funded the music project in one day!Thank you to the donors who made this idea a reality for these Sausalito students (and of course, thank you to someone's mom for making dessert back in 2000). You can check out the full story here.

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