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Teachers, teach in Baltimore City? Want to improve student attendance?


Open Society Institute - Baltimore ("OSI-Baltimore") invites Baltimore City teachers to tap into $25,000 in funding to improve student attendance.Examples of classroom projects OSI-Baltimore will be supporting:- Elementary: Giving out certificates or snacks at an awards ceremony - for the student of the week or the whole class!- Middle: Giving out play money for each day of attendance; allowing students to purchase rewards.- High: Holding regular contests for strong attendance and improved attendance, and giving out rewards.How OSI-Baltimore will be funding projects:- Teachers should submit projects for materials $350 or lower.- This funding will be offered as a 50% match offer, so OSI-Baltimore funding will activate automatically when other donors choose to join in and fund the rest of the project!- High school teachers: If your project also is preparing students for the rigors of college, mention this in your short essay, so that your project will receive 50% funding from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.Click here to see the teacher flyer with examples of the types of classroom projects that OSI-Baltimore is supporting (file is 1 MB; allow 10 - 15 seconds to download).Visit OSI-Baltimore's website to learn more about OSI-Baltimore or student attendance.

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