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Teaming up with Ariba!


When we decided to make DonorsChoose.org available to public school teachers nationwide, we knew that we’d have to apply cutting-edge technology to scale our back-office procurement, fulfillment, customer service, and financial operations.We announced today that we’ll be doing this by plugging DonorsChoose.org into Ariba’s on-demand “Spend Management” systems!We know that these back-office functions aren’t exactly the sexiest aspects of what we do. But they are critical to efficiently bringing classroom projects to life at scale. So we’re very excited to apply Ariba’s technology to help us serve even more teachers and students.Our tech team has already started on the integration work and we’ll be cranking to get our systems connected as soon as we can.Initially, most of the improvements that the Ariba systems will deliver will be behind-the-scenes, so you donors and teachers won’t notice any changes to the parts of our website you use. We’ll be sure to let you know if/when we change anything that will alter how you interact with DonorsChoose.org.Oliver

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