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Texas Fifth Graders Create Lewis & Clark Museum Thanks to Mustaches For Kids “Grower”


Last December, Mrs. Hardgrave’s proposal “Lewis and Clark” was funded thanks to Dallas Mustaches For Kids grower, Jon Alexis and the generous donors who sponsored his mustache. The classroom received 30 copies of the book, “Captain’s Dog: My Journey with the Lewis and Clark Tribe” and part of the project included creating a museum about every leg of the journey.Walnut Glen Academy fifth graders got the chance to share their museum for the entire school and parents last week, and invited Mr. Alexis and his sponsors to witness the impact his mustache made on the students.The museum filled the entire gym and students dressed in elaborate costumes performed skits centered around the Lewis & Clark expedition. Subjects included excerpts from Lewis’ journals, the Louisiana Purchase, food they ate on the trail, animals they discovered, Native Americas they encountered and even lesser-known people who played a crucial role in the expedition.Click here to view the “Lewis and Clark” project.Click here to learn more about Mustaches For Kids.

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