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Third-graders head to Golden Gate Park and learn about nature


Richard Wong teaches a Chinese bilingual class in San Francisco where 85% of the students are eligible for free or reduced lunch. However, Mr. Wong is not letting limited resources get in the way of teaching these third graders about science and nature and preparing them to be future stewards of the environment. He has posted a proposal on DonorsChoose.org that allows his students to participate in the Science and Nature for Underserved Youth program, which includes two class presentations, two field trips to the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park and a final field trip to a bird calling contest!The students must write field reports of each visit and a summary of their science and nature experience. Lyanne Melendez of the Bay Area’s ABC News recently captured the students’ hands-on learning in action and you can see from their enthusiasm that there are some future biologists in the class! Mr. Wong explained that the parents have already had to chip in for basic supplies with their meager budgets, and, absent DonorsChoose.org, these eager learners would not have the opportunity to participate in the science and nature program.You can view the ABC segment here.

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