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Three Innovative Ideas for Education


After a great but unfortunately quick stint at DonorsChoose.org, today is my last day. Working for DonorsChoose.org has been an inspirational and eye-opening experience. From the incredible people who work here to the generous donors to the teachers who recognize and address their students needs, every part of the process here is addressed with compassion and dedication.As I was browsing projects today trying to decide what I would write about for this post, a number of projects struck me for their originality. While DonorsChoose.org comprises thousands of wonderful and worthwhile projects, below are three of the ones I found most innovative. Each shows how nonconventional methods of teaching can be used to enrich learning and ultimately benefit students.“Rebound,” El Paso, TexasRebound is a program designed to help underprivileged students find success outside of the classroom. Mr. V knows that “students who do not always excel in the classroom often times excel in some other form.” Often times this success will begin to manifest itself in the classroom. The school is lucky to have dedicated volunteers, but needs equipment to run a successful program.“Hearing the Words,” Trenton, New JerseyMs. W hopes to continue her 9th and 10th grade students’ vocabulary development through hip-hop music. “Flocabulary,” as she calls it, will allow students to learn from the music they enjoy. The project requires 10 CD players, a relatively small price to pay for the hours of education they will provide.“Math in a Shoe!,” TexasThese third graders from a high-poverty area of Texas didn’t become interested in math word problems until Ms. O introduced “Shoe Box Math.” By allowing the students to take a hands-on approach to the problems, Ms. O’s students learned independence alongside math skills. Now, Ms. O needs new and more durable supplies to continue her successful program.All of these projects still need funding, so please browse through them to learn more and consider donating.Signing off,Max KirschWashington DC Intern

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