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Three weeks until Mustache Blast Off…. HOW TO GET STARTED!


Dear Esteemed Growers and Mustache Enthusiasts,If a man grows a Mustache, but no one donates to low-income classrooms because of it, does it make a sound? Let's not find out!Mustaches for Kids is right around the 'stache, so Growers, it's time to get started in setting up your Mustache Giving Pages…. (If this is the first you’re hearing about Mustaches for Kids, see this blog post for more info).You can see the various cities, employers, colleges, and educators getting ready to compete in the 2008 Mustaches for Kids Challenge, and the list is growing every day!

  • Non-teachers: Each Grower will need to set up his own Giving Page, and then join a city, employer, and/or college Giving Group.
  • Teachers: Please join the educator Giving Group! You'll need to decide whether to set up a Giving Page for yourself or for your school. See a sample individual Giving Page, and a sample school Giving Page. Teachers, you can also check out this blog post for more teacher-specific Mustache info.

For more details on setting up a Giving Page (it's painless, we promise!), click here for a step-by-step guide.If you don't see your city/employer/college listed, or if you have any Mustache-related questions, don't hesitate to email mustachesforkids (at) donorschoose (dot) org.Thanks a 'stache,Katie & Alex

Mustaches for Kids

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