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'Tis the Season for Regifting While Supporting DonorsChoose.org


Under no circumstances is a fruitcake an acceptable present. A brick of candied fruit and stale nuts is not a substitute for an Xbox, a new bike or even itchy argyle socks. Luckily, not only are the fruitcakes that Paypal and DonorsChoose.org are giving out this holiday season virtual, but they're meant specifically for regifting.It works like this: From now until December 31, you can visit the Regift the Fruitcake website, make and customize your fruitcake and share the fun with your Facebook friends. Your friends will then be able to spread your virtual fruitcake then learn about and even donate to DonorsChoose.org.The Regift the Fruitcake campaign is also a competition for DonorsChoose.org and for you. Each time you make and regift a fruitcake you will acquire points (and so will we). The more points you win from regifting, the closer you are to winning one of the weekly prizes - a new notebook computer - or the grand prize - $5,000!So go out and put your fruity brick to work to help students!

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