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Tulsa Classroom Goes Green with the Help of DonorsChoose.org


Students at MacArthur Elementary are learning valuable lessons about preserving the environment thanks to materials received through DonorsChoose.org. Ms. Cummings’s kindergarten classroom now has recycling bins and their own compost bin, which gives the students a chance to get their hands dirty while providing lessons about biology and recycling.The environmentally friendly kindergarteners caught the attention of a reporter at The News on 6 in Tulsa who visited their classroom last week. The students showed their enthusiasm for the creepy crawlers that ultimately break down food scraps into healthy soil.The green lesson plans are clearly making an impact on the students. According to Ms. Cummings, “Parents come to me all the time telling me my child is on me all the time about recycling paper and plastics.”In addition to helping teach the kids about preserving the planet, DonorsChoose.org grants have boosted their reading skills and introduced them to cultures halfway around the world.Click here to view the inspiring story from The News on 6 in Tulsa.Click here to view other projects from MacArthur Elementary that are currently being sponsored by the George Kaiser Family Foundation.

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