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The DonorsChoose.org team is looking for a few more top contributors who would enjoy making a big social impact with a small, fast-moving org!Do you know someone who wants to apply their private-sector skills to make a more direct philanthropic impact...or has been itching to live in New York City...or is passionate about improving K-12 education?Help us grow our great team by spreading the word about these opportunities:* Senior Software EngineerPls forward the job descriptions linked above to anyone you know who might be a good fit. Don't hesitate to put any interested folks in touch with me directly via email: I'm oliver (at) donorschoose (dot) org.Updated 10/15/08: Re-posting new Senior Software Engineer opening.Updated 6/2/08: Removed another filled position (QA Automation Engineer).Updated 4/14/08: Removed another filled position and refreshed job descriptions.Updated 1/31/08: Removed two filled positions and changed links from LinkedIn to DonorsChoose.org

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