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Your favorite back-to-school memories poured in throughout September


We asked you to welcome students back-to-school, by giving to classrooms and cheering them on with your favorite back-to-school memories. We were blown away by your funny, adorable and inspiring memories, and we posted one each day throughout September on our homepage. Our staff’s top ten pick for back-to-school memories…

  • Kathleen from Missouri remembers: A special 2nd grade teacher who smiled and told us we were going to have a wonderful year together. She was right...
  • Amy from Arizona remembers: Standing in front of the school bus with my sister with big name tags pinned to our chests and smiling for the camera!
  • Linda from Maryland remembers: The excitement of a new teacher. This always caused 'flutter-bys' in my stomach...
  • Tracy from New York remembers: The smell of new crayons and freshly sharpened pencils... and the possibilities for fun and friendship.
  • Cheryl remembers: The 1971, purple ‘Hot Pants’ outfit my Mom let me wear on the first day of High School!
  • An anonymous donor remembers: Heading into the school library to reconnect with all my favorite books from the past years.
  • Ellen remembers: My grandfather would always take me for new shoes before school started in September.
  • Beth remembers: A field trip with my 4th grade class, that sparked my interest in marine ecology... and now I teach environmental law.
  • Kristin remembers: In high school, I discovered running. My mom bought me shoes and it changed me forever.
  • Alison from Illinois remembers: I loved walking to and from school, when the weather was crisp, and the colorful leaves had fallen from their trees.

All of your memories will also live on forever on the project pages of the classrooms you funded. We hope you'll keep sharing with the students you choose to help - it's a really personal way to show your support for their education.

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