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10 Months After Hurricane Harvey, These Teachers are Still Rebuilding


Every teacher who has lived through a natural disaster knows that the impacts of a storm can continue long after the rain stops and the news cameras depart. Damage to schools can range from a few lost supplies to complete devastation. Mauriceville Middle School falls into the second category. Located a few hours east of Houston, Hurricane Harvey struck just before their first day of school in August 2017. As the storm hovered over Eastern Texas, their school filled up with water. Every classroom, the library, the new band hall — all gone. They started school weeks late, attending half days at a nearby high school. It took until late February for them to return to their campus. Now, they go to class in portable buildings, and their damaged school is open for band practices and PE class — with bare concrete floors, and no interior walls. But what stands out most about the Mauriceville community isn’t the sheer extent of the damage: It’s their fortitude and resilience. Along with our partners at the Rebuild Texas Fund, we got the chance to talk with several of their teachers and students about the rebuilding effort.

Across Texas, teachers like Mrs. Fountain and Mrs. Smith are hard at work restoring their classrooms, giving their students a place that feels like home. While funding lasts, donations to projects in storm-damaged areas will be doubled by the Rebuild Texas Fund.

Support a Classroom Today

Teachers, are you in an area of Texas that’s receiving support from FEMA? You might be eligible for matched funding on your next project from the Rebuild Texas Fund. See if support is available in your county.

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