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10 Projects that Inspired Google, and Us


You might have heard the news: today, our partners at Google were so inspired by our amazing teachers that they funded EVERY project in the Bay Area, bringing materials and experiences to more than 700 classrooms throughout the Bay.

We’re so happy for all of the students and teachers who benefited from today’s news. To celebrate, here are 10 of the newly funded projects that most moved us, made us laugh, or led us to leap up and down with glee imagining how psyched the students will be. Add your own favorite classroom project in the comments below!

(1) A craft corner for teen moms and expectant mothers at Ms. H’s San Francisco school.

(2) Mr. Aringo's lunchtime boxing club!

(3) The pretend restaurant (and pretend pet clinic and pretend grocery store and pretend post office) in this San Francisco Kindergarten classroom.


(5) A replacement for the portable batting cage net that’s been eaten away by the salty sea air in Alameda.

(6) This LASER! The fourth grader inside of us is pumped, and we’re pretty sure Mr. Jones’s fourth graders will be, too.

(7) The award winning Hayward High School orchestra that will now be able to replace all of its violin and viola strings.

(8) A carpet that helps you learn shapes and colors! Can we get one for the DonorsChoose.org office?

(9) This planer (it’s a tool industrial arts students can use to turn scrap wood into premium material – thanks for teaching us that one, Mr. Trowbridge!), which will help Concord high schoolers bounce back from “the great planer malfunction of ‘13.”

(10) And all the places these 27 Kindergarteners will go, now that they’ll each get their own copy of the Dr. Seuss classic.

To Ms. H, Mr. Dyer, Ms. Monterrosa, Mrs. Ayllon, Coach Saunders, Mr. Jones, Mr. Cato, Mrs. Roark, Mr. Trowbridge, Mrs. Kinsley, and all of our Bay Area superstar teachers: THANK YOU for inspiring us and our friends at Google! Here’s to many more awesome Bay Area projects.

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