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Find Out Who Won Our 2017 #GivingTuesday GIVEaway


On November 28th, an incredible 15,700 people from across the United States celebrated #GivingTuesday by supporting over 11,715 teachers. Thanks to their generosity, we were able to send thousands of boxes full of supplies to classrooms, which means tens of thousands of students will get the chance to start their 2018 with the tools they need to learn. Thank you so much to everyone who helped spread the giving spirit! But that’s not all. Every one of those donors and the teachers they supported got the chance to win a $5,000 DonorsChoose.org gift card. We drew 100 names, and shared the good news with all of our lucky teachers and donors. They’ve received their gift codes, and we can’t wait to see what classroom dreams they’ll bring to life!

Meet the Winners

Rebekah T. from North CarolinaJuan C. from CaliforniaLori H. from WisconsinMark K. from MassachusettsAmanda C. from WisconsinMichael D. from CaliforniaRaluca D. from OregonNichole L. from MichiganBrenda J. from North CarolinaEmily B. from FloridaSarah D. from New YorkElizabeth H. from WashingtonKristin Y. from GeorgiaMakayla A. from FloridaSarah B. from OhioLaura S. from MissouriTheresa S. from WisconsinCarlena G. from South CarolinaAmy V.  from New YorkJanet S. from GeorgiaCarolyn A. from CaliforniaJaynti S. from ConnecticutWhitney P. from IndianaMichael G. from OhioSamantha R. from GeorgiaDalila M. from FloridaAllison J. from ColoradoKatherine A. from CaliforniaSacha M. from WisconsinJared K. from IndianaTara E.  from AlaskaLori Ann F. from Rhode IslandTommy W. from AlaskaJonathan M. from CaliforniaTom S.  from CaliforniaBrett W. from New YorkHeidi S. from WashingtonMark M. from ArizonaRyan S. from CaliforniaJake V. from WisconsinMary A. from IllinoisAndrea K. from North CarolinaMichele J. from CaliforniaDeb L. from IllinoisIvy H. from CaliforniaRobert L. from TexasJane T.  from VirginiaPatricia W. from WisconsinSarah N. from CaliforniaBeverly F. from New YorkCassandra D. ArkansasVeronica H. from CaliforniaRuth L.  from MaineMelissa S. from WisconsinMary V. from CaliforniaAshley D. from PennsylvaniaSusan C. from TexasLisa G. from New YorkElizabeth E. from MassachusettsGail R. from PennsylvaniaRebecca R. from OhioMichelle R. from FloridaHannah H. from KentuckyStacey C. from TexasHeather S. from OhioZheng L. from New YorkMelissa K. from Massachusetts Stephanie S. from WashingtonKristin C. from CaliforniaJennifer M. from New YorkSabrina G. from MassachusettsBriana L. from TexasHeather D. from CaliforniaLauren P. from IllinoisKrista A. from VirginiaJulie S. from West VirginiaStaci A. from GeorgiaLynn K. from FloridaDawn S. from WashingtonAmanda B. from New JerseyChristin B. from ArkansasSandra H. from TexasAlyson S. from New YorkRaechel M. from North CarolinaJulie A.  from CaliforniaNorelle L. from NevadaLeslie S. from TexasKatherine P. from South CarolinaAdam W. from CaliforniaJess H. from New YorkJackie A. from Washington D.C.Christy G. from FloridaAaron F. from OregonKaren E. from New YorkErin W. from MissouriNicole P. from New YorkSheldon J. from FloridaTamara H. from ConnecticutMelissa T. from IllinoisAnnette D. from CaliforniaHow the winners were chosen:Official #GivingTuesday GIVEaway 2017 Rules

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