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Starbucks and MSNBC team up for students


Hot off the press: Starbucks and MSNBC announce their commitment to education and DonorsChoose.org.As announced today on “Morning Joe”, Starbucks and MSNBC are taking their partnership to the next level – and DonorsChoose.org teachers and students will benefit. Since the relationship began in 2009, MSNBC and Starbucks have spotlighted cities across America in need of assistance.  Going forward, the two organizations plan to highlight examples of innovation and initiatives across communities where education and support is critical. Starting in April and every month on “Morning Joe,” one individual who is a champion for education will be highlighted and “Morning Joe” will also broadcast live from four schools that are making a difference in the community within the next year.MSNBC and Starbucks will also extend their relationship with DonorsChoose.org through a variety of featured opportunities. See the full press release.In the words of MSNBC’s President, Phil Griffin: “I’m thrilled we’re now going to build on our relationship and together commit to highlighting the best in American education. We are going to bring attention to success stories all over the country - to innovation and educators who are making a difference. There’s so much great work being done, it’s time to celebrate those people and their ideas."Howard Schultz, chairman, president, and CEO of Starbucks explained: “Starbucks and MSNBC can bring a collective focus on the opportunities to make change in communities across America. Our relationship will find community and education change agents to support this endeavor and we hope we are able to collaborate with many other like minded companies, non-profits and community organizers across the country to enhance this mission.”Check out the incredible DonorsChoose.org highlight and learn more about this initiative.

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