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4 Ways to Celebrate Generosity with a DonorsChoose Gift Card


Looking for that perfect gift for someone in your life? With a DonorsChoose gift card, you can transform your friends and family into micro-philanthropists, bringing classroom dreams to life across America.When you give someone a DonorsChoose gift card, they’ll apply the dollars on the card to any classroom request that inspires them. And if that card is for over $50, they can even receive handwritten thank-you notes from the students they help; you can’t buy that at the mall!Here are a few ways you can use a DonorsChoose gift card to celebrate and share the joy of giving back.

Pick up the one gift your whole shopping list will love.

Need a single, easy-to-purchase gift that will be appreciated by a range of people? Whether you’re looking to surprise your clients or your book club, DonorsChoose gift cards are a flexible and unique alternative. Your yogi colleague can support teachers requesting yoga mats and mindfulness resources, while your favorite client in Philly can help out the school right down the block.With more than 70,000 classroom project requests from teachers across the country, everyone in your circle is bound to find something they love.

Give the gift of giving to the person who has everything.

We all have those friends that are impossible to shop for. Next time, instead of wondering “Did they already read this book?” or “Can I really get them socks for the third year in a row?” give them a DonorsChoose gift card! You’ll be giving them the excitement of finding that perfect project they love, the warmth of knowing they’ve helped someone, and the pure joy that comes with seeing students’ faces light up with learning.

Teach your children about giving back.

Teachers constantly tell us how meaningful it is when their students have the chance to give back to their communities — many making projects that give their students the chance to do just that. You can show your kids how fun giving back is and how good it feels to help someone out by giving them a DonorsChoose gift card. You can show them how to select a classroom request that makes them giggle, help them write a message of support for the students they’re helping, and share the impact letter and classroom photos with them once the project is fully funded! Our very own Janelle Lin, SVP, Business Development does just that every year.“Starting at their 5th birthdays, I give each of my kids a DonorsChoose gift card so they can support a classroom project that that brings a smile to their face. My oldest, Lucas, looks for projects requesting resources he loves, like his favorite Roald Dahl books for classrooms who don’t have any copies. After using DonorsChoose gift cards, he really understands what it means to give back — now he’s even introducing me to new charities he loves!”

Help teachers get what they really need.

When you give a teacher a DonorsChoose gift card, you’re showing that you believe in their dreams and trust in their frontline wisdom. By helping them to get the exact resources their classrooms need, you’re not only helping them bring even more learning opportunities to their students, but you’re also giving them a strong vote of confidence.Whether that teacher goes on to redeem their gift card towards an upgraded classroom library or their first professional development opportunity, they’ll feel grateful to you each time they step into the classroom.Sold yet? You can purchase codes to email, or get a physical card. We even do bulk orders!

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